13 June 2023 Minutes

Addlethorpe Parish Council Meeting

Minutes of the meeting of Addlethorpe Parish Council held at 1930 hours Tuesday 13 June 2023 at St. Peters Hall, High Street, Ingoldmells 

Councillors present: Chair N. Towers (NT), Vice Chair Cllr Roger Dawson (RD), Cllr M Holyer (MH), Cllr Gavin Escott (GE), Cllr Lorna Hand (LH), Cllr A Stubbins and Kerry Culley (Clerk)

Also present: County and District Councillor Colin Davie and 3 members of the public. 

Public session

The Chairman updated the public on the footpath as far as possible to say the County Council will be coming involved. 

36.    Chairman’s welcome - The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting at 19.31 hours.

37.    Apologies for absence – No apologies.

38.    To receive any declarations of interest – None

39.    To confirm the notes of the Parish Council meeting held on 16 May 2023 as a true record of the decisions made. – It was resolved to approve the minutes of the above meeting. These were signed by the Chair.
40.    To receive reports from outside bodies and other meetings
a.    To receive reports from LCC and ELDC Cllr. Colin Davie.
•    County Cllr C. Davie informed the meeting the King Charles III path will be opened this weekend on 17 June at Chapel Point.  Everyone invited to celebrate its opening.
•    County Cllr CD also informed the meeting that we are facing challenging times with immigration matters, although Addlethorpe not directly affected RAF Scampton is soon to be operational and the numbers of immigrants in hotels in Skegness are rising again in the already struggling tourism in the area. 
•    Cllr CD is aware of the poor state of the roads in Addlethorpe such as at Ashington End. Finding sufficient funding for all the road repairs needed is also proving challenging. 
•    It is hoped some sort of deal on devolution for Lincolnshire can be reached by September.  This will be headed up by a Mayor (who will also be the Police and Crimes Commissioner) who will be joined by representatives from the County and District Councils to make decisions affecting the whole county.  It should allow the County to make strategies and prioritise its funding pot on how it deems best for the county.
b.    Other Councillors reports from external meetings. - Cllr MH informed the meeting he would look into a complaint from a member of the public about trees growing close to the cemetery boundary and overhanging into their garden.

41.    Planning
a.    To receive any updates and discuss the applications for:
i.    N/031/01059/23: Buttercup Meadows, Golden Anchor Caravan Park, Trunch Lane, Chapel St Leonards, PE24 5TU - Change of use of land for the siting of 43 static caravans, 5 no. lodges, excavation of land to form a lake, construction of roads, siting of associated sheds and deckings. It was resolved to submit a neutral stance to the application.
ii.    Outer Dowsing Offshore Windfarm – 93 offshore wind turbines, electric cables landfall Wolla Bank to a new substation at either Weston Marsh, Spalding or Lincolnshire Node east of Alford.  RD proposed the Parish Council supported the County view that the infrastructure should be under the seabed rather than onshore. It was resolved RD would look further into the matter to bring a response to the next meeting for approval.
iii.    Any new or updated applications. - none
b.    To receive an update on the Neighbourhood Plan – RD informed the meeting that Welton were still to make a decision  pending a public meeting and that Orby are still keen but have yet been unable to put forward any councillors for it but hope to do so soon. It was resolved that Addlethorpe would call its own public meeting to consult with Addlethorpe residents and obtain a contact at ELDC with a view to going it alone should the other parishes not come onboard.

42.    Clerk’s report on matters outstanding:
i.    Response from the Pride team on outstanding tasks in Addlethorpe – It is believed the trees on the green belong to the parish council. Therefore GE said he will deal with those.
ii.    Insurance policy renewed
iii.    Green canopy plaque arrived – arrange placement.  This to be done at the same time as the public meeting for the neighbourhood plan meeting.  GE will concrete into place
iv.    Bus shelter funding – still chasing a response.  
v.    Outstanding S106 money – breakdown of funds given to all councillors
vi.    Annual accounts now published on the website. 
vii.    VAT return sent off.

43.    Financial Matters 
a.    The following payments of accounts were authorised
    i.    Clerk’s salary for May - £254.60
    ii.    Welton Services – grasscutting - £252.00
    iii.    Zurich annual insurance policy - £241.00
b.     To consider changing the council bank accounts to Unity Trust – Following discussions of the benefits of changing it was resolved to open a bank account with Unity Trust and to transfer the existing accounts over to them making use of the online banking service offered and with the signatories remaining the same as currently agreed. i.e. any two to sign from Gavin Escott, Kerry Culley, Neville Towers and Roger Dawson
c. Receive and approve the updated Asset Register – The register was approved with an amendment to include the locations of all 4 grit bins under the winter maintenance heading.

44.        To receive and approve the following updated policies:
    i.    Standing Orders – approved and signed by the Chair
    ii.    Risk Management Policy – approved as per last year following a review
    iii.    Code of Conduct– approved and signed by the Chair
    iv.    Freedom of Information policy – The additional policy document was approved

45.    To receive and discuss May inspection report. – All issues are in hand with the exception of the bench which needs a good clean. It was agreed the trees needed cutting back first to stop the bench becoming green.  Once he had done this GE would look at getting the bench cleaned.

46.    To further discuss and consider the Bus Shelter quotes – The quotes were discussed in detail and it was agreed that it would be preferable to spend on a better quality shelter that was less likely to be vandalised going forward.  It was resolved to accept the quote from GW Shelters but at the shorter version of 2 metres rather than 2.6 meters and with a seat.  However, this was conditional upon obtaining funding for it first.  Clerk to chase bus shelter funding, source any alternative funding and ask if S106 could be used.

47.    To discuss any projects for the upcoming year.  The following items were discussed and considered:
•    A Speed Indicator Device (SID) – to deal with speeding issues in the village
•    Village entrance gates – which could also help reduce speeding in the village as well as being aesthetically pleasing
•    A village welcome sign
Council agreed that a SID would be especially beneficial to the village.  It was resolved the clerk would enquire which, if any, of these projects would be appropriate for S106 spending.  Clerk to carry out further research to inform council at next meeting.

48.    To go into closed session to discuss agenda items 49 and 50. Resolved

49.    To receive and discuss any update for St. Nicholas Close/ Rectory Lane Footpath. – Council were updated on the latest legal advice received as to the best way forward.

50.    To receive an update on a staffing matter for the clerk.  It was noted that the clerk has been offered another job for 4 hours a week which will not impact on her role as parish clerk for Addlethorpe.

51.      To go into open session. Resolved

52.    Agenda items for next meeting 
•    Footpath
•    Bus shelter funding
•    Other potential projects
•    Parish Council response to Outer Dowsing consultation
•    Employment policies review
•    3 monthly financial statement

53.    To confirm time and date of next meeting – 1930 hours Tuesday 11 July 2023 at the small hall, St. Peters Hall, High Street, Ingoldmells.