14 March 2023

Addlethorpe Parish Council Meeting

Minutes of the meeting of Addlethorpe Parish Council held at 1930 hours Tuesday 14 March 2023 at St. Peters Hall, High Street, Ingoldmells 

Councillors present: Chairman N. Towers (NT), Cllr M Holyer (MH) Cllr Bob Short (BS), Cllr Gavin Escott (GE), CllrLorna Hand (LH) and Cllr Roger Dawson (RD), (who took notes of the meeting as the clerk was on holiday) 

Also present: 3 members of the public. 

Public session
•    The Chairman thanked the members of public who organised and carried out a litter pick in the village
•    A member of the public requested an update on the St Nicholas/Rectory Lane footpath
•    A member of public raised concerns about drugs possibly being used on Rectory Lane South

175.    Chairman’s welcome - The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting at 19.35 hours

176.    Apologies for absence – Apologies were accepted from Colin Davie and Kerry Culley.

177.    To receive any declarations of interest – LH declared an interest in agenda item 185

178.    To confirm the notes of the Parish Council meeting held on 14 February 2023 as a true record of the decisions made. – It was resolved to approve the minutes of the above meeting.
179.    To receive reports from outside bodies and other meetings – No reports

180.    Planning
a.    To receive any updates and discuss the applications for
1.    S/002/00298/23 Extension to existing dwelling to provide additional living accommodation. 2 CHURCH LANE, ADDLETHORPE, SKEGNESS, PE24 4UN. - Confirmed no objections by Council
2.    S/002/00143/23 LAND TO WEST OF POPLAR FARM – no update
3.    Any new or updated applications. - none
b.    To receive an update on the Neighbourhood Plan  - Council were informed by Cllr RD that a meeting had been held between the three villages of Addlethorpe, Orby and Welton Le Marsh on 24 February. Next meeting to possibly be held on 30 March but waiting on a decision from Welton as to whether they want to participate.
c.    To receive an update on the Community Planning Alliance and Outer Dowsing Windfarm- Cllr RD updated the meeting:
i.    CPA have submitted a petition to all MPS from East Anglia constituencies to oppose the national grid proposals to build additional grids across the land in East Anglia.  
ii.    CPA have asked for support for their alternative proposal to go offshore with the grid.
iii.    Cllr Davie has raised the matter with Lincs CC asking for support for Lincolnshire to similarly object to the current proposal and support the CPA alternative as this will affect Lincolnshire as well.

181.    Clerk’s report on matters outstanding - The Council received the clerk’s report and noted the matters therein.
182.    Financial Matters 
    a.    The following payment of accounts were authorised:
        i.    Clerk’s salary February - £254.60
        ii.    Clerk’s salary March - £254.60
        iii.    Clerk’s expenses for final quarter of the year - £65.13
        iv.    Ingoldmells village hall hire for last year - £93.50
    b.    The following payment of accounts were authorised from next 
        year’s budget:
i.    LALC annual subs - £141.30
ii.    LALC Annual Training Scheme - £120.00
    c.    To approve the draft end of year accounts – awaiting final invoices for the year before accounts can be finalised

183.    To receive and discuss last month’s inspection report. – noted the need to trim trees around the village green.  Cllr GE said he could carry out the trimming and the Chair said he could provide the machinery.  A discussion was had about asking a professional to carry out the work.  No resolution made.

184.    To receive and discuss any update for St. Nicholas Close/ Rectory Lane Footpath.  Council resolved to go into closed session to discuss the latest legal advice on the matter. Still awaiting an update.

185.    To receive and discuss any further quotes for cementing new benches into position – A further quote has now been received from Hand Bros for £240 including VAT for each bench.  It was resolved to accept the above quote.

186.    To receive and discuss any updates for the Coronation events.  Cllr GE updated the Council as follows:
•    The church will open with refreshments Saturday and/or possibly Sunday.  Council went on to discuss which day it should be.
•    The marquee will be put up a few days beforehand in readiness.
•    A discussion was had on whether Portaloos were necessary.  Due to the expense and the need to hire for a week and people in attendance likely to be local it was generally considered unnecessary.
•    The official coronation timetable would be followed.

187.    To receive and discuss any correspondence – email from Pride in East Lindsey team.  Council resolved to ask the team whether they could assist with the following:
•    Clean the bus shelter, 
•    Clear litter from the bypass if Lincolnshire Highways will not.
•    Trim the trees
•    Flytipping was discussed but to be looked at further by GE to see if ELDC will deal.

188.    To discuss the format and speakers for the Parish Meeting.  To follow on from the AGM. Cllr RD suggested it could be used to discuss the neighbourhood plan.  To be discussed further at the next meeting.

189.    Agenda items for next meeting -To receive items for inclusion on the next meeting’s agenda. 
•    Footpath
•    Neighbourhood Plan update
•    Planning application for Garden View Tea Room, Corner Farm, Ingoldmells Road, Addlethorpe
•    Annual Parish Meeting
•    Coronation events
•    Pride in East Lindsey update

190.    To confirm time and date of next meeting – 1930 hours Tuesday 11 April 2023 at the small hall, St. Peters Hall, High Street, Ingoldmells.

Meeting closed at 21.10 hours