11 April 2023

Addlethorpe Parish Council Meeting

Minutes of the meeting of Addlethorpe Parish Council held at 1930 hours Tuesday 11 April 2023 at St. Peters Hall, High Street, Ingoldmells 

Councillors present: Chairman N. Towers (NT), Cllr M Holyer (MH) Cllr Bob Short (BS), Cllr Gavin Escott (GE), Cllr Lorna Hand (LH), Cllr Roger Dawson (RD) and Kerry Culley (Clerk)

Also present: County and District Councillor Colin Davie and 1 member of the public. 

Public session
There were no questions or issues raised during the public session

1.    Chairman’s welcome - The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting at 19.33 hours

2.    Apologies for absence – No apologies 

3.    To receive any declarations of interest – None

4.    To confirm the notes of the Parish Council meeting held on 14 March 2023 as a true record of the decisions made. – It was resolved to approve the minutes of the above meeting.
5.    To receive reports from outside bodies and other meetings
a.    To receive reports from LCC and ELDC Cllr. Colin Davie.
•    County Cllr CD updated the meeting on the campaign to get the new proposed national grid to be offshore rather than across the land.  He and Cllr RD had a meeting with the MP for Spalding who is spearheading the opposition to the current proposal for Linclolnshire.  The National Grid have put the process back 6 months in order to look at the alternative offshore proposal.  It is estimated this will be £6 billion cheaper as well as less destructive to the Lincolnshire countryside.
•    County Cllr CD also informed the meeting that the government have announced making an East Coast superhighway from Yorkshire down to the Thames which would be a UNESCO world heritage site with the aim of protecting habitats for birds and wildlife.  The Environment Agency will be consulting with the public after the May elections.

b.    Other Councillors reports from external meetings. - Cllr MH informed the meeting he had stood down from the cemetery committee.  There is currently concern about an apparent water leak on the site.  However, Anglian Water have confirmed there are no pipes on the land so it is being investigated further. It could be due to a natural spring.

6.    Planning
a.    To receive any updates and discuss the applications for 
i.    S/002/00458/23: Garden View Tea Room, Corner Farm, Ingoldmells Road, Addlethorpe - Change of use and conversion of existing cafe and tearoom to form an extension to existing dwelling. Council resolved to support the application
ii.    S/002/00143/23: Land To West Of Poplar Farm, Chapel Lane, Addlethorpe.  - To excavate land to create a commercial fishing lake and a car park. Council noted this had been GRANTED despite objections
iii.    S/002/00099/23: The Bungalow, Chapel Lane, Addlethorpe, Skegness - Single storey rear extension to existing dwelling to provide additional living accommodation. Council noted this had been GRANTED
iv.    Any new or updated applications. None.

b.    To receive an update on the Neighbourhood Plan – Cllr RD informed the meeting that due to being in the purdah period it had been decided to postpone any further meetings until after the elections.  Welton hoped to hold a meeting soon after in order to decide whether it wanted to join the Plan.  It was also noted the main spokesperson for Orby and the vice chair of the Committee had now stood down.

c.    To receive an update on the Community Planning Alliance and Outer Dowsing Windfarm – Cllr RD confirmed that the CPA had put in a well researched and credible report in opposition to the national grid going across land and supporting the alternative offshore proposal which was also cheaper.  He noted this would also be preferable for the proposed East Coast superhighway.

7.    Clerk’s report on matters outstanding:
a.    Response from the Enforcement team on The Laurels Caravan Site, Mill Road, Addlethorpe, PE24 4TD re breach of condition 4 on planning permission reference.  Council hoped that this would result in future compliance of their licence terms
b.    Update on benches – Hand Bros now instructed.  Cllr LH will liaise with T Smith with regard to the precise locations for them.
c.    Funding required for purchase of green canopy plaque – Council resolved the Clerk to ask for S106 funds to purchase an A4 sized plaque with stakes and to pay for the outstanding amount on concreting the benches in position.
d.    Update on new emails – Council noted the emails received since last month from M Gildersleeves Head Of Planning and MP M Warman.  Council also noted the response from the Pride team and confirmed the flytipping had now been sorted and the bus shelter removed but their help would be appreciated with regard to the litter picking on the bypass and the cutting back of the trees.
    8.    Financial Matters 
a.    To authorise payment of accounts 
    Weltons Grasscutting - £96.00
b.    To authorise payment of accounts from last year’s budget
Council resolved to postdate a cheque to 31.03.2023 for £200 for the payment of Hire of St Peters Hall Ingoldmells for the financial year 1 April 2022 – 31 March 2023 so that payment came out of last year’s budget.  It had not been possible to get an invoice before now due to restructuring difficulties at the Hall.
c. To approve the end of year accounts – Council received and resolved to accept the financial statement for the end of year accounts.
d.    To agree the Governance Statement – It was resolved to put this back to the next meeting once the auditor and Chairman had reported back on the annual accounts and control.
e.    Review of Assets & Renewal of Insurance Policy – Council received the updated assets register and approved it for last year’s financial accounts.  However, it would need updating before renewal of this year’s insurance to take into account the loss of the bus shelter.  The insurance policy would also need to be amended to reflect the following additions:
i.    4 benches, rather than 3
ii.    2 x planters
iii.    1 x marquee
iv.    2 x security bollards 

9.        To receive and discuss March inspection report. – The report was received and the issue with the benches noted.  The damaged bench outside the church is to be replaced.  It is hoped the cutting back of the trees on the Green will help with no sunlight on the bench therecausing it to be slippery else will consider resiting it.  Cllr GE will liaise with the Church to establish responsibility for the broken lamp and to organise its repair.

10.    To receive and discuss any update for St. Nicholas Close/ Rectory Lane Footpath.  It was noted that the Council are still awaiting on further legal advice and continue to liaise with the County Council about the matter.

11.    To receive and discuss any updates for the Coronation events. Cllr GE confirmed the plan to start or finish proceedings with a toast and singing God Save The King.  The Clerk is to confirm with insurers the marquee will be insured against possible loss or damage as newly acquired since insurance last renewed.  Cllr GE will inform Council if and when help is required to erect this for the event.  Clerk will print out leaflets if required by the Council

12.    To discuss the format and speakers for the Annual Parish Meeting – It was confirmed the APM would take place after the AGM but no speakers would be arranged.  It was hoped instead to organise a further public meeting to discuss the Neighbourhood Plan proposals and the changes needed to the Local Plan post May elections.

13.    Agenda items for next meeting –
•    Election of Chairman 
•    Update bank mandate if necessary
•    Election of cemetery committee
•    Sign Governance statement
•    Receive and approve the audit report and all End of year Account forms
•    New Bus shelter
•    Footpath

14.    To confirm time and date of next meeting – AGM at 1930 hours Tuesday 16 May 2023 at the small hall, St. Peters Hall, High Street, Ingoldmells.  The Annual Parish Meeting will follow on from this.