8 November minutes

Addlethorpe Parish Council Meeting

Minutes of the meeting of Addlethorpe Parish Council held on 8 November 2022 at St. Peters Hall, High Street, Ingoldmells at 1930 Hours 

Councillors present: Chairman N. Towers (NT), Cllr G. Escott (GE), Cllr Roger Dawson (RD), Cllr B Short (BS), Cllr M Holyer (MH) and Kerry Culley Clerk.

Also present: 5 members of the public. 

Public session
•    A member of the public requested an update on the St Nicholas/Rectory Lane footpath matter.  
•    A member of the public asked for an update on the planning application for 490 caravans. 
•    A member of the public asked whether it was possible for the Council to provide some festive decorations or Christmas lights for the village.
•    Previous Councillor M Tait confirmed he had resigned from the Council but that he was willing to work with the Council still in relation to the Neighbourhood Plan as far as his commitments would allow.  He would also help with contacting villagers about objections to planning applications.  He would hold on to the planters, benches and trees until the Council were a in a position to install them.
•    Previous Councillor T Smith explained he had resigned from the Council due to the increased workload and responsibilities he felt was expected of Parish Councillors that should be carried out at District level.
•    A member of the public raised an issue with the muck wagons on a local farm being piled too high and not being covered over, as previously agreed, so creating a hazard.

117.    Chairman’s welcome - The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting at 2015 hours

118.    Apologies for absence - All present

119.    To receive any declarations of interest - BS declared an interest in item 122.a.i.

120.    To confirm the notes of the Parish Council meeting held on 11 October as a true record of the decisions made. - It was resolved to approve the minutes of the above meeting.
121.    To receive reports from outside bodies and other meetings – County and District Cllr Colin Davie sent apologies for being unable to attend the meeting.  He asked that any highway matters were reported back to him via the Clerk. GE confirmed he would approach the farm owner about the issue with the muck wagons in the first instance prior to referring to Highways.  Cllr C Davie also requested a further meeting with members of the Council to discuss the way forward with the upcoming planning applications. 

122.    Planning
a.    To receive any updates and discuss the applications for
i.     S/022/01844/21 490 caravans Mill Road – The meeting was updated on the Freedom Of Information Request granted on this matter and the Amended Planning Statement submitted by the applicant.  It was resolved to decide the best way forward following the meeting with Cllr C Davie.
ii.    S/002/00788/22 The Elms – NT and RD updated the meeting following on from the planning committee meeting when this application was granted.  It was resolved the clerk would liaise with previous Cllr MT with regard to objection letters.  Council would then co-ordinate a response from the villagers in relation to the outstanding Golf Club application.
iii.    Any new applications - None
b.    To receive updates and discuss correspondence sent and received in relation to planning matters affecting Addlethorpe – Council received correspondence from MP Matt Warman, ELDC Head R Barlow and an email to the Community Planning Alliance as suggested by RD.
c.    To receive an update from Cllr Tait on the Neighbourhood Plan and the next stage – As MT had now resigned the Clerk updated the meeting.  The Chairman of Hogsthorpe Parish Council has confirmed they do not wish to take part in a joint Neighbourhood Plan.  Cllr Colin Davie, has spoken to Welton-Le-Marsh Parish Council who are keen to join with Addlethorpe and Orby, to be confirmed at their next meeting.  It was resolved to progress with the Neighbourhood Plan and to join with Welton and Orby Parish Councils to achieve this.  RD and the clerk to research the next steps needed.  The next meeting to set up a committee so that it can run independently of the three councils.

123.    Clerk’s report on matters outstanding
    a.    Update on inspections of council owned property – As MT had now stood down the initial inspection had still not taken place.  RD confirmed that his wife was willing to carry out future inspections on behalf of the Council on a voluntary basis.  Council resolved to accept this offer.
    b.    Update on Jubilee trees – MT has confirmed he has received the trees and will hold on to them until they can be planted.  It was resolved MH would speak to Weltons Garden Services to ask if they could plant them on the Council’s behalf.  It was also resolved to purchase a green canopy Jubilee plaque from the British Legion.  This project to be paid for with funding Cllr C Davie has offered the Council.  At this stage a ceremony could be arranged.  GE confirmed he had an oak tree that was also ready for planting.  It was discussed planting this on Mottrams Green.  
    c.    MH to speak to GP West about concreting the two benches in place.
    d.    GE questioned whether council should look at getting the grit bin near Nutshell Farm moved onto public land as it has been fenced in on the private land on which it sits. GE confirmed that a further tote bag for grit would be useful and could be stored at Corner Farm, otherwise the village is prepared for winter.
e.    MH informed the Council a warm space is being provided for the parishioners of Addlethorpe at Ingoldmells Council Offices.

124.    Financial Matters 
    a.    To authorise payment of accounts 
    i.    Clerk’s salary & expenses – Council resolved to pay the increased amount of £374.60 to take account of the recently agreed pay rise for 2022/23 backdated to April 2022.
    ii.    Weltons grasscutting – Council resolved to pay the bill of £192 for grasscutting for October 2022
b.    To receive and discuss the draft budget  - The Clerk took Council through the draft budget for the next financial year.  It was agreed the Councillors would look at it in more detail over the next month so it could be ratified at the next meeting.  The Clerk to see what the proposed precept figure would mean for the electorate.

125.    To discuss the options put forward by LALC for councillor email addresses – It was agreed the Councillors would look at the LALC suggestions prior to the next meeting to confirm whether they wished to go down this route or set up free outlook accounts instead.

126.    To receive and discuss an update for St. Nicholas Close/ Rectory Lane Footpath – It was confirmed that the Transfer Deed had now been signed by both parties and the Council’s solicitors had requested the final searches.  Once they were received completion could take place and the document sent to Land Registry for registration of title.  Council to discuss the next steps once this has happened.

127.    Agenda items for next meeting 
•    Ratify the budget
•    Agree the new email system to be used
•    Appoint a new signatory for the bank accounts

128.    To confirm time and date of next meeting – 1930 hours Tuesday 13 December 2022 at the small hall, St. Peters Hall, High Street, Ingoldmells

Meeting closed at 2156 Hours