11 October 22

Addlethorpe Parish Council Meeting

Minutes of the meeting of Addlethorpe Parish Council held on 11 October 2022 at the parish council offices, Ingoldmells at 1930 Hours 

Councillors present: Chairman N. Towers (NT), Vice Chair Cllr M Tait (MT), Cllr. T. Smith (TS), Cllr G. Escott (GE), Cllr Roger Dawson (RD), Cllr B Short (BS), Cllr M Holyer (MH) and Kerry Culley Clerk.

Also present: 6 members of the public. 

Public session
•    A member of the public requested an update on the St Nicholas/Rectory Lane footpath matter.  
•    A member of the public asked for an update on the planning application for 490 caravans. 

101.    Chairman’s welcome  -The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting at 1945 hours

102.    Apologies for absence  - All present

103.    To receive any declarations of interest - TS declared an interest in agenda item 112.  BS declared an interest in item 106.a.i.

104.    To confirm the notes of the Parish Council meeting held on 27 September as a true record of the decisions made. - It was resolved to approve the minutes of the above meeting.
105.    To receive reports from outside bodies and other meetings - There were no reports from outside bodies

106.    Planning
a.    To receive any updates and discuss the application for:
i.    S/022/01844/21 490 caravans Mill Road - The planning officer confirmed they had received the amended application and had given the applicant until Friday to confirm which application he wanted to go with as the District Council were unlikely to support either of them, despite the amended application being greatly reduced in caravan numbers.
ii.    S/002/01382/22 Kings Head planning applications - The Council resolved to oppose the amended application as it did not alter the views previously taken. MT confirmed he had looked at the previous planning applications and could find no evidence of work being carried out without planning permission.
b.    To receive an update from Cllr Tait on the Neighbourhood Plan and set a date for the first joint council meeting - MT advised the meeting he had spoke to Hogsthorpe Parish Council at their last meeting which went OK but left him with concerns as to having enough people enthusiastic enough to run the project.  The first stage will be to confirm whether the councils do want to work together on the plan and define the area.  It was resolved to call a meeting for the councillors of the three parishes of Addlethorpe, Hogsthorpe and Orby for Tuesday 1 November at 1900 hours at St. Peters Hall, Ingoldmells

107.    Clerk’s report on matters outstanding
a.    Update on the Visit Lincs coastal enhancement project. – The benches have now been received by MT.  It was resolved to put one outside the church to replace the old one and another one on the village green.  MT confirmed they would need cementing in to place.  Clerk to get a quote from GP West to do this.
b.    Update on the planning letters sent and to be sent
i.    A reduced Freedom Of Information request has been sent relating to the Mill Road 490 caravans application.
ii.    It was resolved the clerk would send a further reduced Freedom Of Information request relating to the village criteria points.
iii.    Response received to public letter to Head of ELDC from Mike Gildersleeves. – It was resolved the Clerk would publish the response on the Council website and relevant facebook groups. RD will design and word a press release template for the Council to use for current and future press releases. The response to then be sent to the Skegness Standard and Lincolnshire World.  The Clerk to write back to the Head of ELDC and ask for a personal response.  
iv.    Further response outstanding to M Gildersleeves re criteria for village - RD to write reply to M Gildersleeves including a request to attend a public meeting to talk to the Council and residents about their concerns.
v.    Letter sent to residents for objections. – MT will also produce a standard letter for those unable to write their own response.  Clerk to contact member of Hogsthorpe to see if we can use their letters as a basis.
vi.    Further Letter to Planning Inspectorate complaining about their handling of the matter – MT to do this
vii.    Letter to planning officer of the 490 caravans regarding the support letters- RD to complete this
viii.    Letter to Secretary of State – RD to complete this

108.    Financial Matters 
a.    It was resolved to authorise the following payment of accounts
    i. Clerk’s salary & expenses  - £390.39
    ii. Microsoft Office subscription - £59.99
    iii.Weltons grasscutting - £222.00
b.    It was resolved to approve the half yearly accounts for April - October 2022

109.    To discuss and allocate streets within the parish for individual councillors to take responsibility for – The streets of the Parish were divided between the Councillors so the Clerk could produce a list for future use.

110.    To resolve the tender process to be used for the grasscutting contract- It was resolved to tender out the grasscutting for a three year period and the areas were defined on a plan for the Clerk to advertise the tender.

111.    To resolve to adopt a written inspection policy for Parish Council owned land and appoint responsible councillors – It was resolved the Council would record the inspections of its property going forward.  MT to carry out the initial risk assessment of the village green, churchyard and bus shelter to determine future inspection frequencies.

112.    The Council resolved to move into closed session to consider the following confidential legal matter - The council received and discussed an update for St. Nicholas Close/ Rectory Lane Footpath 

113.    The Council resolved to move into open session

114.    The Council resolved to sign the Transfer Deed for the purchase of the footpath.  The deed was duly signed by the Chair and Vice Chair in the presence of full Council.  The Council further resolved to pay the Land Registry fee of £45 

115.    Agenda items for next meeting -No items were included at this stage

116.    To confirm time and date of next meeting – 1930 hours Tuesday 8 November 2022 at the small hall, St. Peters Hall, High Street, Ingoldmells

Meeting closed at 22.19 Hours